Monday, June 15, 2015

strawberry jam

Strawberry jam
I call this a morning jam.
You wake up, go to market, buy best berries, wash them, use best pieces and make fragrant spread for breakfast.
I was at the market the other day and couldn’t resist buying more fruits then needed. This sounds strange but it’s true. There are people who would eat fruit produce rather than fresh fruits. Strawberry jam makes strawberries live all year long and it’s closest to the taste of fresh berries.
I like to puree strawberries before making the jam. Sometimes I like when you can taste fruit chunks  in jams, but not in this one. This one I like smooth and red, strawberry red. I like to make jam in small batches, it makes it even more special, and I also like to storage in small jars.
Important thing! Don’t use soft fruits or those with rotten spots.
Wash the strawberries and remove stems. Mix (puree) them in a blender. Use a heavy bottomed saucepan, place strawberry puree and sugar and put on a high heat. Stir constantly and when it comes to boil mix in the lemon juice and keep on stirring. Jam should boil heavily for 5-7 minutes. Fill sterilized jars with jam. Keep the jam in dark and cold place.

430g strawberries
210g sugar jam (gelling sugar 2:1)
Juice of one lemon

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