Monday, August 31, 2015

fig-raspberry jam

It is and it's not a homemade jam. Yes I made it at home which makes it a home made, but I cheated in a way. I used gelling powder. Although I prefer preserves without adding any kind of commercial stuff, this time I made an exception. Pectin is a gelling agent that makes jam set. Fruits have varying amount of pectin. Amount of natural pectin and acid vary in fruits. Figs and raspberries both have low amount of pectin, plus figs were quite ripe which means the content of pectin was even lower.
Anyway this jam is a positive side of negatives.
Even though there are many artisan jam makers and probably millions of fruit combinations I still like making my own. Adriatic figs and raspberries have found each other in this mild but rather lively fruit combination. Not too sweet and fairly acidic makes this jam a perfect match with cheese.
I really love it, hopefully you will too!

Fig-raspberry jam
Adriatic figs, about 750g
Raspberries, 300g
1 and ½ lemons, juice
Sugar, 320g
Gelling powder, 25g (content of one sachet)
Quarter figs and place them in a heavy saucepan. Add raspberries, sugar and gelling powder. Bring everything to the boil stirring once in a while. Once it boils add lemon juice and continue cooking and stirring for about another 5-7 minutes.
Pour the jam into sterilized glass jars, close lids and turn over and leave to stand like that for about 5 minutes.

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