Monday, November 30, 2015

food in jars

Simple process of preserving vegetables and providing 'zing and crunchiness'. Salad, perfect with everything.

_boiling water, salted
_trimmed and quartered carrots - cooked until tender-crisp, 8 minutes; taken out and plunged in the iced water and drained
_parsley, garlic
_vinegar and oil mixed in the ratio 1 to 3 (one glass of white vine vinegar and 3 glasses of olive oil)

Fill glass jars with carrots/parsley/garlic and add liquid, pour over the liquid to seal the jars. Stash or eat the next day if impatient.
If garlic turns turquoise don't be alarmed, garlic contains an enzyme that causes it to turn shades of green or turquoise when it comes into contact with acidic ingredients.

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