Tuesday, May 21, 2019

hummus plate and strawberry season

I usually go once a week to farmer's markets to buy all the greens and fruits. This weekend I was mainly focused on strawberries and whether strawberry fields have survived heavy rains and cold weather. I know most of them are under plastic roof tops but still, life was not easy last few weeks for any kind of frailness. Also, I somehow forgot about other foods. Selfish need for locally grown strawberries overcame everything else. It doesn't happen that often, this 'obsession' for certain foods that hits me, but when it does I just let my self go. That means I eat strawberries all day, for breakfast, lunch and in the evening. In the morning I eat them fresh with cooked oats, or with french toast. During afternoon I snack them, sometimes with spoon. Desserts I save for dinner time and spend evenings with macerated strawberries, finger ladies and cream. Fruits must bee at room temperature. It's like picking and eating them right away. I wash them carefully and remove stems. Cut them in halve or in quarters, if they are bigger, and place them in a bowl. Then I add splash of vanilla, lemon or orange juice and few table spoons of sugar (not too much) and leave them to macerate for 10-15 minutes. I roughly crumble lady fingers into the bowl and stir. After I whisk heavy cream until soft peaks form, I generously dollop it on top to cover shiny fruits. Then I dig in with a big spoon! 

I know this post so far is about strawberries and looking at the picture above while reading all written doesn't have much sense, but this way I keep on feeding this mania, passion that I am experiencing. I am powerless to resist, I actually don't want to resist at all.

And regarding the picture above, this lunch we had few days ago. I should say few words about it but actually picture says it all. It's simple, it's beautiful, tasteful, and even gluten free, a colorful weekend lunch plate. No cooking required (boiling eggs not included). You go to the garden, on foot or by bike or by bus. You pick veggies. You pick everything you like, you desire, you crave for and wash carefully and cut. Scatter over a plate, bed of arugula, around hummus and that's it. Then you dig in with a fork!

Arugula bed
Carrot and apple mach sticks
Cherry tomatoes halves and quarters
Finley sliced red onion 
Small radishes 
Avocado + za'atar
Olive oil and lemon juice for drizzle 
Soft boiled eggs (not pictured)
can of chickpeas (400g, drained 240g)
1-2 tablespoon ice cold water
2 cloves of garlic (minced)
one teaspoon tahini 
juice of half lemon
4-6 tablespoons of good olive oil
salt to taste
spoon of cream cheese or sour cream optional (for creamier and lighter version)

Place chickpeas and cold water in a food processor and mix until you get almost paste like consistency. I have an old blender so it takes some time but it's worth it. Add all other ingredients and mix again to get smooth paste. Try, taste and add more lemon juice and/or more salt if needed. 

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