Saturday, September 19, 2015

her excellency Ms. Fig

My best memory of figs comes from an early childhood. We were quite young and we ate fresh figs only during summer holidays. Figs were reserved for hot summers spent on Adriatic coast. For a long time I thought one must go very far over land and seas in order to enjoy her excellency. And then one day, magic happened in my grandparents' backyard. Fig tree grew. It's still there, bigger then ever, showing off and producing pouches of 'hidden flowers'.
Apparently ficus family counts 700 varieties, but the perfect fig is the one picked from the tree and eaten right away. 
If you didn't know..
The fig is not strictly a fruit botanically. It is a ‘false fruit’, actually part of the stem of the tree that becomes a fleshy bag for the flowers and seeds. These develop inside and never see the light of day. So when you are eating a fig you are munching on hidden flowers! This is perhaps what gives it its unique texture.

Figs on toast
An early morning cooking session. Actually almost no cooking required.

fresh figs
ricotta cheese/fresh goat cheese *fresh goat cheese works magically
sage honey
fresh sage

Toast bread for about 2-3 minutes.
Spread ricotta over the toast and top with few fig slices. Drizzle with honey and place fresh sage leaves on top. Simple and sinful!

Friday, September 18, 2015

mini watermelon

Mini watermelon

Wishes for the endless summer might come true. In my happiness I remain motionless. I am unaware of what will happen. I do not open the curtains. I cut watermelon and let myself disappear while I am listening the murmur of the endless summer.