Thursday, April 28, 2016

tangy flavor

Few years back, I am lying in a pale blue hospital gown with the hand outstretched towards the gentleman who is sedating me. Very pleasant experience, from what I remember. It was my very first anesthesia and the thing that made it so special was the feeling I experienced in days to come. Dreams I had in those few days after the intervention were the most vivid and amazing and I felt extremely happy for no reason right after I woke up. That lasted for some time and of course, the most special of it all was the fact that at the time all was fine.
On a beautiful April morning my alarm clock woke me at 6:20. I went to the kitchen and drank a glass of water. Later that same day I walked into a hospital. This time I was lying naked, covered with green hospital sheets with both hands outstretched. There was nothing unusual at the time, I was extremely cold and my feet and hands were dark purple colored. Nurse stuck a needle in my hand already and a mask with the oxygen was above me. Very soon trough my bloodstream I felt.. I felt nothing except pain when I finally woke up. I was still cold. A very friendly lady tucked me with few extra blankets. The one at the top was dark blue with white stripes. I like stripes. I woke up again in the middle of the night with the worst nausea. I did not remember of having any dreams and I was a bit disappointed in anesthesiologist for the choice he had made. I didn’t talk about my feelings the morning after but nausea, the annoying fellow was still with me. 

Today, Thursday, April 28, 2016, I am at home. It’s surprisingly cold outside. When I open the window light breeze from the north blows in. I am still fairly motionless and many eating restrictions still apply. Right now I got the urge for a big slice of cake. I am not hungry, this is a signal from inside that all is fine. Happily I have a stash of dried lemon slices which bring flavor to this unflavored period. I usually pop two slices in water bottle I use daily. Lemon slices rehydrate and fragrance the water in a very gentle way leaving their tangy flavor in it. What I also like is to put few slices in a soup while it’s cooking. Chicken soup with carrots (chicken breasts cooked with carrots and potatoes and bay leave) and dried lemon slices. Delicious!

Dried lemon slices
Use organic fruits, if possible. Wash the lemons thoroughly especially if you are using waxed ones from the supermarket. After you wash them, dry them thoroughly.
Slice lemons thinly and uniformly using a sharp knife.
Lay out slices on the baking trays covered in parchment paper.
Place in the pre-heated oven, 80oC. Cook until they are totally dried out. Flip them over every hour or so, so they dry evenly. It took mine about 2,5 hours (but I cut them very, very thinly). When they are done, turn the oven off, and let them sit overnight in the oven.
After drying they will slightly change the color, they become a bit darker.  
Remove them from the oven, and store in an airtight container (glass jar).