Thursday, May 29, 2014

sweet lassi

I will not repeat mistake like this never, ever again. It was late spring and the sun was really strong, like at the peak of the summer season. We had to buy sun cream to stop our unprotected skin from burning. Even in these weather circumstances one must eat when hungry, especially when being a random tourist in a big city for only few days. You must agree.  We bumped into some small Thai restaurant and ordered crispy duck in coconut curry and curry rice noodles with vegetables. I do remember vividly, how duck was perfectly crisp from the outside and that pink color in the middle is engraved in my memory for lifetime. As we were constantly drinking water we were not able to drink anything else during the day hours. In the menu it was written lassi, sweet refreshing ultimate mango lassi. I so wanted to order one, as I never had one before. But we had to go, we couldn’t stay much longer, and there was no chance my stomach could accept any more of liquid. I was trying to persuade others to order so I could take a sip, but had no luck. We left with the promise to come back again in the remaining days.
And we never did. There was just not enough time for the 'rerun'.
No regret. No sadness.  I know I’ll be back one day, eventually, and I will order mango lassi, but till that time I will drink homemade strawberry lassi.

strawberry lassi
400-450g fresh strawberries
1.5 cups chilled yogurt
3-4 tbsp sugar
1 tsp rose water
few ice cubes (optional)

Blend the strawberries with sugar and rose water to a smooth puree. Add yogurt and pulse at intervals till you get a smooth lassi.

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