Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Woo Hoo!! It's here... #popsicleweek

It's hot and sweaty outside, just perfect weather for Popsicle Week!
And as promised, not missing it this year, no way Pedro :)

Three years ago when I discovered great Billy from Wit and Vinegar I signed up for this awesome virtual party but didn't like my pops.  I didn't have prop molds and didn't like how they turned out. Silly me :D If you ask me now, they turned out totally ok and they were super yummy and refreshing. See foryourself http://mykitchenkiosk.blogspot.rs/2014/07/lives-of-cherries-part-ii.html
Within time I got perfect molds from a friend that lives in the States and raspberry-banana pops turned out just perfect. You can find them here http://mykitchenkiosk.blogspot.rs/2016/07/heat.html. Guess no luck for me that time, as I totally missed the dates.. man I was sad, totally crushed.

This year is not easy in many ways. I am still struggling with many things, but one step at the time. Party time always! So guys, hit the buffet!! Hundreds of colorful, tasteful, playful ice pops and all of them at one place!! Great recipes from great foodblogers from all over the globe!!
Follow the popsicle week page and enjoy!!!

Move over scoops, it's POPSICLE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still don’t know how to surf, but I know how to make popsicles.

Blueberries and Coconut Pops 
3 cups blueberries
1 cup coconut milk
7tbsp elderflower cordial 

Place blueberries and elderflower cordial in a blender and mix for a minute or so until smooth. Pass blueberry mixture through a sieve with the help of the back of the spoon. Add coconut milk and sieved blueberry mixture back in a blender and mix just for few seconds. Pour the mixture into pop molds and leave it for few hours or overnight in freezer. 
Sprinkle them up for extra texture and sweetness!

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