Sunday, January 12, 2014

antioxidant ice cream

pomegranate ice cream

Heavy fog for almost a week. And it disappeared without a trace. Now, again, we can see blue, clear sky and absorb stripes of sunlight.

Leave the windows open, let 'fake' summer in!

Seduced by all this or in other words intoxicated by the sun, I was hungry for ice cream. Heated body and soul sought for an instant calmer. 

No fuss, creamy sunny delight with a hint of winter.
juice of one pomegranate
80g icing sugar
250ml whipped cream
2tbsp lime juice

Combine pomegranate juice, icing sugar and lime juice, whisk to dissolve sugar. Whip the cream till you almost reach soft peaks. Then add pink liquid to it and whisk again, but now until soft peaks. Spoon the ice cream into the airtight container and freeze overnight.

Homemade ice cream is usually eaten at home. So, be a good neighbor, spread a joy. Take winter accessories, don’t forget ice cream, go on a terrace and fully enjoy!

Amazing recipe supplied by amazing Nigella. 

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