Saturday, July 19, 2014


apple and plum kuchen

This cake just happened to me, one ordinary afternoon. It was not planned it just happened. Plums were yelling from the fridge do something proper with us already, when you're not going to eat us fresh as we are. And apples were laughing from the table. All I knew at that time was the fact that these purple rounds and pinkish balls will soon play together. Then it clicked, the picture from a cookbook. Long ago, I remember saying we will have to try this 'cake' as it looks so simple and seducing. Goldish tanned crust topped with juicy fruits and almond crumbs. 
It was almost lunch hours, perfect time to roll up the sleeves and start 'kuchening'.
Step by step, following lines from the book you end up with the edible picture. Very easy, comforting baking with warm spices, cinnamon and irreplaceable vanilla
The mood of that day was perfect for this cake. Summer rain and stormy weather in the middle of July and cozy cinnamon-vanilla atmosphere. For us, this was late lunch cake eaten with a cup of camomile tea, but the next day it ended up being delis breakfast for sunny morning. 

Changes to the original recipe:
more flour, almost one more cup
accidentally one tbs of dry east and intentionally one tbs of cinnamon for the dough
milk for cream (for brushing the dough)
plums instead of blackberries, two apples instead of one and two small pears
time for baking lasted approximately 35 minutes (in my case)

Go on now, plum it up!

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